Trust Board

The Trust Board of Directors, the body that oversees the running of The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust, meets at least once per term.

The Articles of Association, which defines the Trust’s constitution, makes provision for a board with a maximum of eleven Trustees:

  • Johnny Anderson – Chair

  • Lisa Sarikaya – Chief Executive Officer & Accounting Officer

  • Colin Hopkins 

  • Robert Knight 

  • Gill Latos 

  • Matthew Cliffe 

  • Rachael Day 

  • Balbi Balu 

  • Jo Martin

Trust Board Committees

Audit, Risk and Finance Committee

Johnny Anderson

Lisa Sarikaya 

Colin Hopkins 

Robert Knight – Chair

Matthew Cliffe

People & Practice Committee


Johnny Anderson

Lisa Sarikaya

Colin Hopkins – Chair

Robert Knight

Gill Latos

Rachael Day

Remuneration Committee


Johnny Anderson

Lisa Sarikaya

Colin Hopkins – Chair

Rachael Day

Academy Local Governing Committees

Each St. Bart’s Academy has its own Local Governing Committee (LGC).


All governor appointments are approved by the Board.


More information on our academy Local Governing Committees can be found here.

Trust Board Information