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St. Bart's Commitment to Sustainability



Our moral purpose is to provide the best education and curriculum in all our schools, enabling every child to realise their full potential. 

In accordance with our mission, we have a Passion for preparing our young people for a world impacted by climate change through climate and environmental education and increased access to nature. We will provide Encouragement by preparing and empowering our young people to become responsible for contributing to a sustainable future. Our Ambition to reach our net zero goals will be achieved by Collaboration,  sharing ideas, resources and best practice with each other and the wider community. Through Enjoyment of the natural environment, we live life together in all its fullness through PEACE

Our Pledge

The trustees and executive leaders of St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust have pledged to become a sustainable, ethical and carbon neutral academy trust. The appointment of a sustainability manager in April 2023 to develop and lead our sustainability strategy is a clear indication of our commitment.

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