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Message from the Chair

Greetings from the Chair

It is with the utmost pride that I welcome you to the St Bart’s family of schools.  I am fortunate to Chair a board of able and dutiful trustees who are ambitious for our pupils, staff and communities. We are proud as a Trust to contribute to the advancement of the teaching and learning profession and seek to ensure that every child goes to a “good” school.

As Trustees we seek to ensure that when we visit any of our schools we promote the St Bart’s Values and Mission Statement (P.E.A.C.E.), underpinned by the St Bart’s “Footpath” to success. In St Bart’s academies we are delighted to encounter both children and staff that demonstrate these high values and the strong work ethic we expect of all.

Our academies are clearly assets to their own communities and stakeholders and together we are achieving so much more than was previously the case. All our schools have been “good” or “outstanding” on their first inspections in the Trust and our pupils are better prepared to achieve within and beyond the school than ever before. All St Bart’s staff are fully committed to improving outcomes for children and developing each other to be the best they can be. Our leaders are driven by the moral imperative to make a difference in the lives of children, wherever they may be. Together we work to forge the strong links, networking, sharing and support that make our Trust family so special.

To find out more, why not contact the St Bart’s team. A warm and generous welcome awaits you.

J. Anderson
St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust.

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