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About Us

The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee.

We are a West Midlands based Multi-Academy Trust with 22  academies in our family of schools. Our head office is at Belgrave St. Bartholomew’s Academy in Stoke-on-Trent.​

The Board of Directors (Trustees)

The Board of Trustees, oversees the strategic direction of the Trust.

The Board consists of education, non-educational and diocesan representatives.

The Trust Board consists of the Chief Executive Officer and up to 10 other Trustees (11 in total).

As a mixed mode MAT the St Bart’s Academy Trust has a Diocesan representative on the board.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best education and curriculum in all our schools, enabling every child to realise their full potential.

Bart’s Training & Support Alliance

Bart’s Training & Support Alliance (BTSA) work closely with the St. Bart’s Academy Trust in order to Release Potential Together.

Staff at our academies have the opportunity to participate in our full range of training programmes. Find out more about BTSA here.

The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust believes that education is preparation for life and we seek to prepare each child to face life beyond the School with confidence.

  • We aspire to set high standards for personal behaviour and self-discipline, with courtesy, consideration and respect for other people of all ages, races and cultures.

  • We aim to deliver exciting and quality learning experiences in a safe, secure and happy environment.

  • We endeavour to achieve high standards in every aspect of school life by making the most efficient use of all the resources available.


Moral Purpose

The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust is committed to improving the life chances of all children, wherever they may be. This moral obligation, our mission, does not end at the school gates, within our own Local Authorities, or even within our own country. Where St. Bart’s Academies have the capacity to make a difference, they are morally bound to do so.

Join our MAT

Working in partnership with The St. Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust has a number of key benefits.

To find out more please read the “reasons to join the MAT” here.

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