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First SBMAT Dodgeball Tournament

During the morning of Tuesday 13th December 2016 St Nathaniel’s held the first St Bart’s dodgeball competition. Belgrave, Kingsland, Cranberry and Parkhall entered as well as St Nathaniel’s into the competition and during the morning all the children were performing non stop from start to finish. There were eleven teams from the five schools in total and all teams performed with great enthusiasm throughout the morning. The games were fast paced, had plenty of dodging, some hard hitting throwing, ducking and diving and some outstanding catching. A young lady from Parkhall took a stunning catch from a bullet of a throw from a St Nathaniel’s boy. It seemed destined to get her out but she then just caught the ball easily as it travelled towards her stomach. Another boy took several catches from the opposite team whilst holding onto a few himself which is no easy feat. The competition was consistently quick and the games flew by. All the children were inside the sports hall which created a brilliant atmosphere for the children to play in. By the end of the group games the children had played in 30 games of competition and the semi finals had been decided. After a play off Cranberry would play against Parkhall whilst in the other semi final Parkhall B would play against Parkhall A. Even though Cranberry looked like a strong outfit from the start they had a poor start in the semi which led to being down to 2 players after a matter of seconds and although they still played well they eventually lost. Meanwhile it was a win win for Parkhall as both teams A and B played against one another for a place in the final. Parkhall A won and would go on to beat their peers in the final. Cranberry beat Parkhall in the 3rd place play off but congratulations should go to all those who took part and the staff that made the morning happen.

Thank you to St Nathaniel’s and Steve Hulme for the use of their sports hall and I’m sure the children loved the competition.

Well done all.

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