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School Direct FAQs

Learn more about our School Direct programme using the FAQs below.

If you still have a question, please contact us.

Is this a PGCE?

You will obtain a PGCE (equal to a third of a masters degree) and QTS.

Is SEND an option?
Yes. Since September 2017, we have offered a SEND pathway.

Is the programme assignment heavy?
The programme was revalidated in August 2020 and the number of assignments have been reduced to those that are essential for the PGCE. These will be at L7 (masters).

What schools will I be training at?
You will obtain a PAll of our schools are quality assured, effective schools. Most schools belong to St. Bart’s Trust or are partnership schools.

Can I choose which school I train at?
We work with you to place you in the best school to meet your training needs. The responsibility of allocating placements rests with BTSA.

How much school experience is needed?
There is no minimum requirement regarding school experience.

Do I need references/referees to apply?
Yes. You will need two references/referees to apply – you need to contact before you submit your application.

When does the application portal open and close?
The portal usually opens in the Autumn term for applications starting in the following September. The portal closes when all places are filled. Places are limited so please do not delay your application.

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